Happs Bydon

The second-in-command bandit for the "Stag Lord".


Happs Bydon is a squat muscular Aundarian with dark hair and a goatee that frames a glowering cruel-eyed face. His clothes are generally patched and grimy leathers with a camouflaged cloak and a suit of living dark briar armor. He is muscular in the chest and legs and appears thick bodied and trained to withstand pain, hardship, and wounds. He carries a beautiful composite longbow fitted with his trademarked black shafted and red hawk feather fletched arrows. He is well trained in its use in combat and can let arrows fly even as he moves from point to point. He also has a short sword and a skinning dagger hanging off his belt should he need to get into melee combat.


Happs is a cruel and foul-mouthed man who turned to banditry after he was caught running a protection racket in Fairhaven while also, in theory, serving as a soldier and city guard. He fled the city when he learned that the law was coming after him, abandoning his wife and two children to suffer the shame of his crimes. He found that banditry agreed with him – he quite enjoys the outdoors, and tumbling with Kressel was nice as well. He is overconfident and enjoys boasting during battle, calling out attacks and hollow threats that he’s ill-equipped to carry out. As a battle progresses, if his insults and threats continue to fail, he grows increasingly grim and quiet. He prefers to fight with his longbow, letting his men take the risks in melee. He knows that his position as second-in-command is tenuous at best and won’t back down from a fight in front of his men.

Happs Bydon

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