Keston Garess

Guard from Aundair tracking a wanted criminal.


Kesten is a young man of dark red-brown hair and pale skin with a constant shadow of a beard. He has a serious look upon his face and seems grim and intense even in the most festive of situations. Generally he dresses to impress but with restraint. He is armed with a masterwork longsword that he displays an impressive skill with, far more than the average town guard. He fights with a stance and skill typically seen by highly trained fighters, he also has a longbow and a full quiver of arrows. Ha appears to be a respectable shot, if not a little raw.


Keston Garess is the man of noble birth who was sent to a prestigious fighter college when he was younger so that he could become a general in the Aundarian military, a dream of his fathers that was ruined when he murdered a man in the streets of his small town on the outskirts of Fairhaven. Just two years ago Kesten was betrothed to the beautiful daughter of a bakery owner with whom he was madly in love with. His engagement ended abruptly one night when she was murdered by a beggar who was trying to steal pastries from the shop one night when she was closing the store. She refused to let her father be robbed and paid for her insolence with her life. Kesten found the man responsible and ended his life in a duel by a swift sword thrust to the abdomen. It was his cunning tracking and impressive swordplay that drew the attention of the town guard who conscripted him instead of putting him on trial for murder. He worked his way through the ranks quickly and was promoted to a station in Fairhaven. His position in Fairhaven turned out to be more difficult than he thought it would be however, as many of the guards were corrupt and no better than the thieves they were arresting. Over the course of a year he was able to root out most of the corrupt guards and find their leader, a man named Falgrim Sneeg. Falgrim fled before he could be tried but Kesten vowed to bring him to justice, and when he learned that Falgrim had fled to The Evergreen Vale, he eagerly followed.

Keston Garess

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