Oleg Leveton

An ill mannered tradesman who doesn't seem to appreciate the new influx of travelers.


Oleg is a balding, rotund, middle aged man who dresses in simple leathers and hides of animals local to the Vale. He appears to be armed with a dagger, although sometimes he carries an axe or simple hammer as well. He does not appear to be a trained soldier, but does seem able to stand his ground and hold his own in a fight.


Oleg is an ill mannered tradesman who despises civilization. He spent his youth as a hunter in the forests of Aundair, and his wilderness expertise allowed him to make a decent living for himself and his wife. Ever since the recent influx of new human to the area however, he has been hounded by bandits who have forced him to give up a portion of his profits. In his youth he would gladly have laid his life on the line in defiance of such acts, and the fact that he hasn’t fought back shames him, even though it was to protect his wife Svetlana.

Oleg Leveton

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