Svetlana Leveton

A kind hearted young woman with a fondness for soups.


Svetlana is an attractive middle aged woman who shows signs of living a hard life. She dresses in plain clothes common among the lower class although she also has some leather armor to protect her vital parts while out in the wild. She appears strong and capable but with eyes that show a soft heart.


Svetlana is an incredibly sweet woman who finds it hard to say a harsh word about anyone. She tends to remain quiet unless she is forced into action, at which point she is adamant about her position. She built Oleg’s Trading Post with her husband a few years ago when he had grown tired of living in the city and decided they should move into the Vale. She has spent the rest of her time there, tending to the needs of various travelers who have come through the trading post. In her spare time she love to cook, particularly soups and makes a delicious Moon Radish soup when she has the raw material at hand. She also enjoys cultivating herbs and spices for her soups. She has a quite impressive spice rack including Sagal powder from the Talenta Plains and Selas leaves from Aundair. She is exceedingly supportive of her husband, even if she sometimes disagrees with his actions.

Svetlana Leveton

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