An eccentric old hermit.


Bokken is an older man with gray hair that always looks like he just rolled out of bed. He smells as if he has not washed in months and is more than a little hard of hearing. His manner is that of a nervous bird or a jittery child, and his speech is swift and clipped as if he’s eager to finish every conversation as fast as possible, and his fashion sense appears nonexistent.
Bokken is also missing the pinky finger on his right hand…


Bokken is a reclusive hermit living on the plains of the Vale not far from Oleg’s Trading Post. No hater of gold, he is more than willing to sell the potions he makes is well known to many of the travelers in the area who rely on them for survival. Bokken decided to become a hermit a few years after his abusive brother (whose name, like many other details of his childhood, he can’t quite recall due to senility) had beaten him almost to death and killed their parents. Originally, Bokken had toyed with the idea of tracking his bully of a brother down and getting revenge, but the wildlife in the Vale was too frightening and dangerous, so instead he settled down not far from the edge of what is now Oleg’s Trading Post to live the rest of his life in nature.


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